Services Provided

Call Center Services

We offer experienced phone representatives committed to delivering the best customer service, ensuring that all calls are answered in a timely and patient-centered manner. OCS phone representatives are trained according to your practice-specific needs and work with each client to craft customized call scripts that comply with company policies but also leave room for personalization for each call.

OCS phone representatives are trained to manage your inbound and outbound calls, appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, follow-up treatment calls, and run marketing campaigns. Our sophisticated phone software system allows for us to analyze and create reports specifying the number of calls received, number of calls made, number of calls dropped, the total average hold -time per phone call and much more.

Referral Coordinators

Our team of experienced referral coordinators work hard to ensure all referrals are processed daily and at a minimal cost to our clients. Seamless integration of our services allows our coordinators to access your EMR and process your patient referrals through the use of a secure and HIPAA compliant private network.

Our experienced team of referral coordinators will process each referral carefully and concisely by performing tasks that include, calling the health plan or IPA to submit forms for authorizations, contacting the specialists or imaging centers, faxing relevant patient information, and lastly calling the patient to set up the appointment. Correctly processed referrals ensure our clients will see an increase in patient satisfaction, passing health plan audits, and most importantly closing the liability gap every practice faces if referrals are not processed according to guideline standards.

Billing, Coding, and Collections Department

We know how strenuous and time consuming the billing process can be for our clients, our team of experienced and certified billers, coders, and collections specialists work together with our clients to reduce workload, properly charge for services, and increase revenue opportunities. We aim to relieve your burden by allowing you to focus on what matters most, patient care.

Our team begins by remotely accessing our clients EMR to ensure the appropriate codes are selected before sending them out for billing. This helps to minimize our clients from under billing or over billing for services rendered. Our collection specialists review and follow-up on pending patient balances, attempt to collect patient’s debt, set-up repayment plans, print statements, and alert accounts if phone numbers are invalid for demographic updates.

Our agents will even handle the task of having to follow up with insurance companies to investigate reasons for nonpayment, as well as, send out appeals, claim corrections, and print and send CMS forms. Agents will leave notes in each patient ledger notifying our clients of findings, corrections, appeals, and any action that was taken on that specific claim.

Agents can post payments to patient’s accounts based on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) forwarded to them or pulled from the online database. They can then identify patient responsibility and create patient statements, crossovers, and leave notes on any claim needing further review due to denial. These services allow for our clients to be in control of their billing department without the extra expenses and the risk of employee liability.

Digital Conversion Services

Our state-of-the-art conversion center makes it an easy process for our certified and experienced staff to securely store , scan, convert and upload your sensitive documents promptly. Our digital conversion services are offered at a minimal cost to our clients.

Our staff will travel to retrieve your sensitive documentation and transport them safely and securely to our in-house conversion center. Our conversion center is fully equipped with high-speed, high-volume platform scanners that can support thousands of documents at once. Agents begin by sorting and scanning all materials, and once this process is complete, all files are uploaded directly onto your EMR, helping to preserve the integrity and reliability of your sensitive data. Lastly, our certified staff ensures the proper destruction or return of all documents.

Surgery Schedulers

Our team works diligently to ensure that your patient’s surgery will be scheduled and processed in a timely and effective manner. This allows for your in-house staff to focus on patient care while we handle the rest.

Our Schedulers begin by submitting information to request insurance authorization for your patients’ surgery, once approved the scheduler will compare hospital schedules to avoid scheduling conflicts. Lastly, schedulers will reserve the operating room and surgery assistant, schedule the patient for a pre-op, submit the H&P, schedule any labs or diagnostics needed, and give proper patient instructions before and after surgery.

Quality Improvement Department

Our fully trained team of medical professionals uses real-time monitoring to review medical records to identify gaps in standards of care, with special focus in disease prevention. Our staff will review and flag findings to report to our clients to ensure they are providing quality care and reaching higher-star measures. This also helps our clients to stay in compliance with health plan requirements. Our team is also experienced in risk adjustment factors and HCC diagnoses and capable of identifying any chronic condition that was not captured from your medical providers. Our team will provide a full report, citing found deficiencies for our clients to review and take corrective action.

Healthcare Coaches

Our dedicated team offers assistance in updating member demographics such as, mailing/billing addresses and phone numbers. Healthcare coaches assist in directing members to appropriate provider locations, urgent care facilities, local emergency rooms, and medical specialists. While our healthcare coaches do not provide any medical advice, they are well versed in providing patient education and other community resources available for patients to utilize and educate members regarding the different benefits offered through their health insurance plans, for example; transportation, OTC drug discounts, gym memberships and provide online links to access valuable information to optimize their well-being.