Billing, Coding, and Collections Department

We know how strenuous and time consuming the billing process can be for our clients, our team of experienced and certified billers, coders, and collections specialists work together with our clients to reduce workload, properly charge for services, and increase revenue opportunities. We aim to relieve your burden by allowing you to focus on what matters most, patient care.

Our team begins by remotely accessing our clients EMR to ensure the appropriate codes are selected before sending them out for billing. This helps to minimize our clients from under billing or over billing for services rendered. Our collection specialists review and follow-up on pending patient balances, attempt to collect patient’s debt, set-up repayment plans, print statements, and alert accounts if phone numbers are invalid for demographic updates.

Our agents will even handle the task of having to follow up with insurance companies to investigate reasons for nonpayment, as well as, send out appeals, claim corrections, and print and send CMS forms. Agents will leave notes in each patient ledger notifying our clients of findings, corrections, appeals, and any action that was taken on that specific claim.

Agents can post payments to patient’s accounts based on the Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) forwarded to them or pulled from the online database. They can then identify patient responsibility and create patient statements, crossovers, and leave notes on any claim needing further review due to denial. These services allow for our clients to be in control of their billing department without the extra expenses and the risk of employee liability.