Outpatient Call Solutions

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OCS Main Benefits

Outpatient Call Solutions is a virtual healthcare staffing company working as a highly sophisticated and secure tool that seamlessly integrates with your systems remotely, to bring forth customized solutions for your healthcare organization. OCS is right for your patients and better for your business!

Increase your profit

OCS system reduces your company’s payroll by 50% to 60% from the time you implement our services.

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Patient Satisfaction

The patient satisfaction is guaranteed as they will have the medical follow-up needed without unnecessary complications.

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Liability Reduction

OCS reduces the number of employees in your company. Therefore your company risks and worker’s compensation liabilities are also reduced.

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Database Security

Our networks are private, we are 100% HIPAA compliant, and our facilities are guarded 24/7.

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OCS Services

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Services We Provide

Call Center Services

We offer experienced phone representatives committed to delivering the best customer service, ensuring that all calls are answered in a timely and patient-centered manner.

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Referral Coordinators

Our team of experienced referral coordinators work hard to ensure all referrals are processed daily and at a minimal cost to our clients. Seamless integration of our services allows our coordinators to access your EMR and process your patient referrals through the use of a secure and HIPAA compliant private network.

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Billing, Coding, and Collections Department

We know how strenuous and time consuming the billing process can be for our clients, our team of experienced and certified billers, coders, and collections specialists work together with our clients to reduce workload, properly charge for services, and increase revenue opportunities. We aim to relieve your burden by allowing you to focus on what matters most, patient care.

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Digital Conversion Services

Our state-of-the-art conversion center makes it an easy process for our certified and experienced staff to securely store, scan, convert and upload your sensitive documents in a timely manner. Our digital conversion services are offered at a minimal cost to our clients.

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Surgery Schedulers

Our team works diligently to ensure that your patient’s surgery will be scheduled and processed in a timely and effective manner. This allows for your in- house staff to focus on patient care while we handle the rest.

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Quality Improvement Department

Our fully trained team of medical professionals use real-time monitoring to review medical records to identify gaps in standards of care, with special focus on disease prevention.

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Healthcare Coaches

Our dedicated team offers assistance in updating member demographics such as, mailing/billing addresses and phone numbers.

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