Our Headquarters are located at 495 E. Rincon St, Suite 215, Corona, Ca 92879. Our call center is located in Boulevard Agua Caliente 4558 Int C1-28A – Tijuana Baja California, Mexico right on the Gold Coast of Baja California. Today the city is the dominant medical device manufacturing capital of the United States; It is also the most visited border city across the globe. Our call center is located in the financial district and in one of the largest and most prestigious towers in Baja California. There are many well-known US companies doing business in Tijuana including; Hyundai, Sony, Siemens, Ford and many more.

Call centers are becoming increasingly popular around the world, OCS exclusively offers our clients bilingual, trained, and experienced agents. Our call center is strategically located at the US Mexico border, making it the ideal location because it is a cornerstone for a bilingual (English and Spanish) workforce, serving as one of the most desirable cities for American businesses to employ. The uniqueness of our location allows us to select and use highly diverse and qualified personnel.

Once we have interviewed and selected potential candidates, they undergo a thorough background check, a complete physical and psychological medical exam, as well as an English proficiency test and are placed on a one-month probation period. Agents immediately participate in an extensive one-month training to include; telephone etiquette, critical thinking, and customer service skills. This allows our trainers to identify strengths or weaknesses and include feedback to ensure we are matching our clients with the agents most suitable to meet their needs. Once the agents have completed OCS initial training and have been evaluated and assigned to an account, they undergo further training to review protocols and procedures submitted by the client.

Candidates must demonstrate a level of English C2 (CEFR) from the selection process, therefore all the staff is fluent in English and Spanish and most of them have lived in the US, so they speak English and also understand the American culture.

We can also bring multiple language services if required.

Through the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), our agents can remotely access your systems and seamlessly integrate our services.

A VPN is an encrypted connection HIPAA compliant and secure.

We partner with our clients to customize solutions specific to their needs, before implementation of services we ask our clients to provide us with a detailed description of duties, protocols, and procedures OCS agents will follow. We also encourage clients to perform training via telephone, video, or in-person.

There is no business relationship between clients and agents. OCS is contracted to hire and assign agents to your healthcare organization. OCS is responsible for agent’s salaries, benefits, taxes, health insurance, and all governmental regulatory processes; leaving clients with absolutely no employee risk or liability costs.

No, agents are exclusively dedicated to working on your account, maintaining full-time status throughout the contract.

  • OCS is an established US corporation, and its services can be reported as a business expense for your healthcare organization.